Pandemic Pathogens & Pandemonium

Schools and workplaces are shut-down for an indefinite period of time, public recreational facilities and beaches are closed during the high season spring-break, cities across the country are under lockdown and mayors and governors across the country continue to implement additional drastic Coronavirus measures and directives in an attempt to thwart the spread of the pandemic in the US.

Amidst this unprecedented historical health and financial crisis, the public is in the state of shock, fear and panic, leaving stores across the country empty of necessities, as the White House relentlessly exploring options to avail accelerated FDA approvals for future therapies.

While the public is struggling to adjust with the self-isolation under crisis, there are no solutions in sight as this new breed of vicious pathogens continues claiming lives across America.

Little is currently known on the COVID-19 and it will take significant time to develop FDA approved therapies, cures and vaccines. Historically “the survival of the fittest” concept had proven that during the worst pandemics, those with uncompromised and optimal immune systems were able to survive and thrive. So, what can be done at this time until traditional medicine provides the public safe and effective solutions in forms of prescription drugs or/and vaccines for the notorious COVID-19?

Vitamin C

“The ability to evade immune responses is perhaps the most important aspect of viral persistence and proliferation”.
Doris Loh

So far we know that China has managed to control the rapid spread of the Coronavirus when the Chinese government officially announced the use of Intravenous vitamin C – IVC- in various clinical studies for COVID-19 coronavirus.

Vitamin C

Currently there are three ongoing clinical studies being conducted in China, all implementing the IVC treatment protocol to treat COVID-19 patients.

Dr. Richard Cheng, MD, PhD stated:

“Early and sufficiently large doses of intravenous vitamin C are critical. Vitamin C is not only a prototypical antioxidant, but also involved in virus killing and prevention of viral replication. The significance of large dose intravenous vitamin C is not just at antiviral level. It is acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) that kills most people from coronaviral pandemics (SARS, MERS and now NCP). ARDS is a common final pathway leading to death.”

Sadly, despite this pandemic, panic and pandemonium, politics interfere with this readily available and safe immune boosting and antioxidative protocol. Furthermore, both the conventional as well as social media are more focused on reporting on test-kits and future vaccines, rather than shed light on an established safe and effective therapy, a potentially life saving tool in critical cases.

Case in point – New Zealand Swine-Flu patient on life-support and Vitamin C:

The political war between the traditional allopathic medicine and alternative healthcare is not new. However, now it is once again standing in the way of people’s lives!

Dr. Robert Cathcart who pioneered the Orthomolecular medicine, had safely and successfully treated over 25,000 patients with severe viral and bacterial infections, with high-dose Sodium Ascorbate vitamin C therapy, shared how Vitamin C kills viruses and protects against free-radical damage caused by them:

Vitamin C

“White blood cells defeat viral diseases by taking in a chemical fuel — NADPH — from the blood plasma and using it to make oxidizing substances that kill the viruses. The used NADPH becomes NADP+, which can no longer function as fuel.

NADPH and the related NADH are also used to restore the body’s free radical scavenger (antioxidant) molecules as they get used up.
Without these antioxidants, the free radicals would destroy our cells. The body can slowly convert NADP+ back to NADPH, and NAD+ back to NADH by using food energy.

In serious illness, the body can’t create enough NADPH and NADH from food energy to restore the antioxidants and to fuel the white cells. As a result, the viruses multiply, and various body tissues are damaged, possibly resulting in death.

Large enough doses of Vitamin C can directly and rapidly convert NADP+ back to NADPH, and NAD+ back to NADH, restoring the body’s ability to kill viruses and protect against free radical damage caused by the disease.

Life-threatening viruses can require so much white cell activity to kill them that hundreds of grams of Vitamin C per day are necessary
to restore the NADPH needed by the white cells, and also to restore the antioxidants to remove the free radicals created by the disease.

The ascorbate effect is a threshold effect. Symptoms are usually neutralized when a dose of about 90% or more of bowel tolerance is reached with oral ascorbic acid. Intravenous sodium ascorbate is about 2½ times more powerful than ascorbic acid by mouth and since for all practical purposes huge doses of sodium ascorbate are non-toxic, whatever dose necessary to eliminate free radical driven symptoms should be given.”

Vitamin C

In the 1940s Dr. Frederick Klenner cured Measles and Polio with high-dose Vitamin C and his papers published in 27 different medical journals.

Based on tens of thousands of case-studies and compelling scientific evidence, why are we not implementing this potentially life-saving protocol to combat COVID-19?

The coronavirus, in an acute viral infection, which might be just as susceptible to high-dose vitamin C therapy as all the other pathogens against which high-dose Vitamin C therapy has been proven to be extremely effective. Moreover, there has never been a documented case in which sufficiently high dosing with vitamin C has been unable to neutralize or kill any virus against which it has been tested.

More importantly, there has never been a single reported case of significant adverse effect to high-dose vitamin C therapy.

Nevertheless, for decades most non-traditional medical therapies have been marginalized, discredited and frowned upon by establishment, despite the compelling evidence of safety and efficacy of Vitamin C therapy.


Dr. Nathan Goodyear, MD, an Integrative Oncologist from Oasis of Healing in AZ shared:

“There are 2 answers to cancer. First and best is the prevention of cancer. Second, the immune system is key to the elimination and lack of recurrence long-term. The ability of cancer to evade and escape the immune system in the tumor microenvironment is the key to metastasis which is the cause of 90% of mortality in people with cancer.

The prevention and treatment of the Coronavirus and Cancer are really not that different. They both involve the immune system! IV vitamin C is directly anti-viral and anti-cancer, but it also stimulates the immune system to help disable the viral and/or cancer immune escape.”


Isn’t it time for the unfiltered truth to be told?

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Vitamin C



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